Member’s Tutorial

Before login you have to sign up here



Click on the menu (the 3 red lines):

tutorial 1


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Manage your stuff:

At the top-right corner of the screen you'll see your welcome message: "Welcome,...". Then move the mouse over it (or touch it if you are using a smartphone or tablet) you'll see your panel:

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Go to profile:

  • If you want to see it like an outsider click View
  • If you want to edit it click on Edit  - HERE YOU MAKE YOUR EPK AND MANAGE YOUR MEDIA CHANNEL


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Make or Edit your EPK with the info you want to show. 

! Show your contact info:

  • And ALL you want to show


Then at the bottom of the page click on SAVE CHANGES




Then, if you want to upload your links, click on Media.

Copy and paste your links: 1 link per line (if you want to write a title,  write it and then press the enter key, then paste your link). We recommend 1 link per post update:  ANY LINK will be embedded and displayed! (TOS)


Then click on POST UPDATE:


And BOOM! there you have it!



  • If you want to change your profile photo (and avatar) click on change profile photo
  • If you want to change your cover image click on change cover image

These are your profile photo and cover image:


Rock out!